Chapel Hill, North Carolina is a beautiful city. It is home to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a prestigious campus of the college. The Ackland Art museum displays Asian and European art. The North Carolina Botanic Garden has an outdoor garden of tropical plants and wild flowers. The Morehead Planetarium and Science Center offers various educational programs. The city also is lined with many fine restaurants, bars and retail stores.

North Carolina is the fifth largest state in the United States and sits directly to the east of the state capital of Raleigh. The region is home to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, home to the world-famous Duke University, and is the home of many major corporate headquarters. As a result of its strategic location and economic activity, Chapel Hill has become the number one area for homebuyers in the United States.

Chapel Hill


With its close proximity to the University of North Carolina, residents will find that homes in Chapel Hill are easily accessible. The city has a commuter rail system, making it easy to get to and from work, and there are many bus routes serving the area. The area has access to a major airport, which means that residents will be able to get to and from the airport without having to drive to or from the area. Due to the popularity of homes in this area, there are many different home builders who are offering high quality products and competitive prices. This is illustrated the increase in community development projects and neighborhood improvements that have been implemented. The real estate market in the area has also improved, with homes in the Triangle selling for well above the average home price for the housing market in the US. There are many areas within the area that are more affordable and can offer good quality homes. This makes Chapel Hill an attractive community to purchase homes in and helps residents find what they want and need in a community.

 Visitors to Chapel Hill will notice that the town has plenty of activities. The more adventurous visitors can participate in mountain climbing, hiking, biking or kayaking. Some visitors will even go on the Tar Heel State Trail. The main street in the downtown area is located on the north side of downtown. The street, Main Street, is paved with brick, has many sidewalks and has many bars and cafes.

The main shopping district that serves Chapel Hill homes is located on the north side of downtown. The shops are on the first floor, and most of them are locally owned. The second floor of the shopping district is located along Broadway. The second floor of the shopping district is very popular and has many upscale shops.

The shopping district is located along Broadway. Most of the shopping malls offer a variety of shopping options. Visitors can find clothing, shoes, electronics, jewelry and other specialty items in these malls. Some of the stores in the shopping mall are also found in some of the hotels.

One of the largest shopping centers is the Mall. The Mall is located on the east side of downtown. This shopping center has over 500 stores, restaurants, movie theaters and other attractions. It has four restaurants. The Mall also features a large fountain. The Mall features two huge auditoriums where the opera, concerts and shows are held. The Mall features numerous eateries and dining places.

Many residents of Chapel Hill reside in condominiums or town homes. The condo market has a number of beautiful homes to choose from. Many of these homes are custom built with many extra amenities.

Many residents of Chapel Hill to own a home. Many of these homes are very large and feature a gazebo or swimming pool. Some homes are smaller and have a small yard. Many of the homes in Chapel Hill are in gated communities.

Many students, professors and other professionals live in the downtown area. These professionals include architects, engineers, lawyers, engineers, teachers and other professionals. There are also a large number of doctors and dentists who work in the downtown area. All of these people work in the downtown area to help the residents of Chapel Hill to maintain their homes.

If you have a car, then you may want to drive through the downtown area to see some of the local businesses in Chapel Hill. You can get to many of these businesses by taking the light rail and commuter rail. Parking is available at most of the local businesses.


For many people, buying a home in Chapel Hill is like buying into a community. Homes in this area are built with many different features and amenities. In addition to having access to a large number of homes, the community offers everything that makes living in a town or city enjoyable, including grocery stores, parks, businesses, and schools. Residents are able to enjoy all of these benefits without having to leave the comfort of their homes.


When looking for a home in Chapel Hill, people will notice that there is a lot of luxury and high class living in the real estate market. There is a variety of neighborhoods and each of them has different amenities that provide residents with more than just a place to live. A person looking to buy a home in this area will find that condos and single family homes are available to suit any taste and budget.


Condos in the area are generally much larger than other types of homes. They are also much more affordable compared to homes in the larger communities, which is why many people choose to live in these condos and why they are very popular with local residents. One of the best advantages of living in a condo is the added security that they provide residents. Because condos are owned by their owners and not owned by the developer, they have many different amenities such as pools, landscaping, swimming pools and gyms.

The real estate market is still growing in Chapel Hill and the residents of the area look forward to a time when more homes are being built, which will keep the real estate market strong and active for many years to come. There are several companies that are offering great rates on homes in the area, but residents must look hard to find a property that offers everything that they need and want.